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The Impact of E-Legal Deposit in the Academic Sector


Digital Library Futures: Symposium on NonPrint Legal Deposit

Since legal deposit regulations were introduced to the UK in the 17th Century, society has benefited from the systematic preservation of our written cultural heritage. In 2013 these regulations were expanded to incorporate non-print materials, an important addition that simultaneously secured much of the UK's written digital heritage, and created several major challenges to institutional practices and end users. As part of the AHRC-funded Digital Library Futures project, we hosted a...

Legal Deposit and the Digital Humanities: Digital Library Futures hits Mexico City!

Dr. Paul Gooding (Principal Investigator) Now that the jetlag has worn off, I thought it time to update you all properly on the recent Digital Library Futures trip to Digital Humanities 2018. DH2018 was the latest of the annual international conference, organised by the Association of Digital Humanities Organisations, which took place in Mexico City from 26th to 29th June 2018. The conference brings together a broad audience of DH researchers, library professionals, and others in...

Digital Library Futures at DH2018

      The 2018 Digital Humanities Conference, organised by the Association of Digital Humanities Organizations in conjunction with El Colegio de México, La Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), and La Red de Humanidades Digitales (RedHD), takes place this year in Mexico City from 26-29 June. According to the conference website, DH2018 is a space for diversity and dialogue in digital research and teaching across all arts, social sciences and...

National Library of Scotland Reading Room in Glasgow

  Fredric Saunderson, Intellectual Property Specialist at the National Library of Scotland, and DLF Steering Group member   The National Library of Scotland is Scotland’s largest library and one of the UK’s five legal deposit libraries, along with the British Library, the National Library of Wales, the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford, and Cambridge University Library. (1)   Rooted in Edinburgh’s history as a legal hub, the Library began life as the...

Seeking Information on Users Seeking Information

Linda Berube, DLF Senior Research Associate   The UK legislated for the collection of electronic resources through legal deposit in 2013. Since that time, UK legal deposit libraries have been providing ebooks, ejournals, and a web archive, indeed a wealth of British intellectual and creative culture, to the public. The Digital Library Futures (DLF) project commenced its examination of e-legal deposit (eLD) in 2017, the year designated for the undertaking of a review...
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