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The Impact of E-Legal Deposit in the Academic Sector



On 21st May 2019, we hosted our project Symposium at Cambridge University Library. Papers and presentations are available as follows:

Digital Library Futures - Project Report on the Impact of UK Non-Print Legal Deposit (Paul Gooding, University of Glasgow; Melissa Terras, University of Edinburgh; Linda Berube, University of East Anglia).

The Sacred Unreadable Artefact: Digital Preservation, Computational Abundance, and Scarce Access. Keynote Lecture from Martin Eve (Professor of Literature, Technology and Publishing: Birkbeck, University of London).

Overview of the NPLD Post-Implementation Review (Linda Arnold-Stratford, Legal Deposit Libraries Liaison Manager)

Estonian Electronic Legal Deposit (Kairi Felt, Head of Collection Development, National Library of Estonia)

The Evolution of the UK Web Archive (Ian Cooke, Head of Contemporary British Publications, British Library)